Research Areas and Faculty

[Atomic/Molecular] Atomic and Molecular Chemical Physics
Nuclear Chemistry and Physics  
[Condensed Matter] Condensed Matter/Materials Chemical Physics
[Biophysics] Biophysics/Physical Biochemistry  
[Theory] Theory and Simulation




Atomic and Molecular Chemical Physics

Research in this area includes theoretical and experimental studies of structure and dynamics in atoms and molecules, as well as chemical reactivity and light-matter interactions. Research groups in this area include

Nuclear Chemistry and Physics

Research in this area focuses on fundamental studies of atomic nuclei, the nature of nuclear matter, and nuclear interactions.

Condensed Matter/Materials Chemical Physics

This broad area includes work on the solid and liquid states of matter (and states in between), materials development and properties, and solid state chemistry and physics.

Biophysics/Physical Biochemistry

Research in this area includes basic and applied work on biological systems ranging from proteins and nucleic acids to viruses to whole cells.

Theory and Simulation

Researchers here are developing analytic theory and computational methods to study a wide range of phenomena, from atoms to superconductors to entire planets!  


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