Co-Directors David Baxter (Physics), Romualdo de Souza (Chemistry)

What it is:

The Chemical Physics Program is a graduate program offered by the departments of Physics and Chemistry at Indiana University. Its purpose is to encourage inter-disciplinary research between the two departments, and in particular to facilitate graduate study at the interface between chemistry and physics.

How it works:

One of our main goals in this program is to provide graduate students with as much flexibility as possible. Students wishing to study in this program apply to the graduate school through either the Physics or Chemistry departments. They then fulfill the course and examination requirements of their "home" department for their major field, and the minor requirements of the other department.


Research is the most important part of any graduate program, and it is in this area that the flexibility of the Chemical Physics degree is most significant. Students can choose as advisor a faculty member from either department; thus a student entering in Physics can do research in the Chemistry Department, and vice versa.
Romualdo T. de Souza
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